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The Simpsons Tapped: Maintain your city

The Simpsons Tapped out Game is based on the American animated series The Simpsons. The Game was resealed on 29 February 2012. It is the type of City-building game and has the Unity engine. The developer of the Game is Electronic Arts, EA Mobile, Iron Monkey, and Fox Digital Entertainment. You can play the Game on Android and iOS only. In the Game, you can collect several kinds of currencies to perform more effectively. Most of the player may not get an unlimited amount of currencies that’s why they use The Simpsons Tapped Out Mod


  1. Completing task

In the Game, you have to complete the task. Likewise, in every Game, there may be several tasks are defined; you have to complete the task and gain some coins. Same as in the Game, but make it sure that you need to play fast for completing the task.

  1. Maintain city

Some players like to maintain the area through this you can do such things. As an owner of the town, you have to make all the facilities possible. Make something for the welfare of the city as well as for the people.

  1. Make people happy

As you are the owner of the, so it is essential to make the people happy. The people become so glad when you see them in their work. If you have some currency, then you can buy such thing that maintains the happiness of people.

  1. Favorite character

The best part about the Game is that the player can add favorite character. Whatever the cast you like includes them and plays the Game. It is not essential that you can consist of only one aspect if you want to add more than one character than you can.

Thus, these are some features about the Game. Those people who like to maintain the city then they can choose this option and play the Game.