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Choices: Stories You Play – A Complete Beginner’s Guide


Simulation based games are becoming the first preference of game lovers. If you love to play games in spare time, then it is suggested to start playing choices: stories you play. It is an amazing game in which the players will play a role and the gameplay is easy to understand. There are three books and you can select any of these and start playing the role of a character. It is really too interesting to play a story.

However, if we talk about the beginners, then they may have to deal with some issues in understanding the concept of playing.  If you are also going to play for the first time, then first learn about the important elements of the games. In this article, you will come to know about the necessary information regarding the main parts.

Start a story

It is a tough task to start a story because you are required to make some amazing moves for starting it in a perfect way. For playing the stories, players should make sure that they have required amount of currencies. When you start playing the story, then pay attention to each and every move you are making because it will affect the whole game. In case, you are not feeling good while playing the story, then just change the story. Players can easily choose different story while playing another one as switching the stories is too easy.

Pay attention to currency

Diamonds are keys are two currencies of choices: stories you play. There are many different methods to collect currency, but using choices cheats is the easiest method. With the help of this, players can get the desired amount of currency. Diamonds are hard to gather, but keys can be collected easily. If we talk about the use of currencies, then diamonds are used to unlock premium things and keys are required to unlock the stories.